3 Reasons your School or Youth Group Should put on a Pantomime

You find yourself once again looking for a new production that’s perfect to be performed by children and young people. Whether you’re a teacher, or youth group leader the problem is the same: ‘Where will I find a script with plenty of scope for your young people to perform?’ That’s where I say: ‘Pantomime is a great option’ and here’s why:

1. Plenty of Parts

The great thing about pantomimes is that they often have a wide variety of roles. I write mine to feature as many talented members as possible. This enables you to have larger roles for the more confident children, but also give children with real potential those crucial featured roles where they will learn their craft. In addition to that you’ve got expandable chorus and company roles for everyone else. You can be really creative in how you cast a pantomime, with hundreds of gender-bending options available to you, you’re not really restricted by character genders. Actually it’s often funnier if the actors are the opposite gender to their characters! In short, there’s a part for everyone and plenty of room for your young people to show off their best talents.

2. Flexible Budget Costs

Want to put on a show with special effects and big musical numbers? Pantomime works for that. Got a small budget to stick to and limited backstage support resources? Pantomime works for that too. With the script at the heart of the show, you can add as many bells, whistles and sparkles as you want. The important thing is, it will still be funny and entertaining! This is also a great opportunity to teach your young people about real theatricality. Not got a budget for an actual flying carpet in Aladdin? Why not task a student from the video club to come up with a funny green-screen sequence using easily available tech at home? Need some extra costumes or accessories? Get the textiles department at your school involved and see if it’s possible to use the curriculum to help costume your cast. With most writers, you can edit and adapt your pantomime script to fit your needs, so the world really is your oyster.

3. Comedy Fun for Everyone

Not only is pantomime the perfect opportunity to help your young people learn about comedy and how to perform it, but better still there’s going to be something for everyone to enjoy. Children of different ages enjoy different parts of a pantomime, and audiences of all ages will find things to enjoy. You can also perform it at any time of year. Easter and summer pantomimes are becoming increasingly popular. Why not consider touring your pantomime around the local primary schools? That would really increase engagement in your show and give your young people multiple chances to entertain crowds.


If you’re looking for a script with plenty of parts to show off all your young talent, a flexible budget to fit your venue and performance restrictions and you want to have fun with comedy potential to boot. Pantomime is the only real consideration, and if it’s an annual production, you’ll have audience coming back again and again to enjoy the fun!

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