Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read of these common queries. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, contact me here.

How much is a licence to perform an Alex Jackson Pantomime script?

Fees start at £40 per performance and are detailed in full here.

How do I get a free perusal reading copy of a pantomime script?

Head to this page and add the scripts you’d like to read to your shopping basket. Then once you’ve inputted your details and completed the order you will be able to download the scripts. The free reading copies are for perusal only and cannot be used for auditions, rehearsals or performances.

Can I make changes to my pantomime script?

Yes – when you apply for your script licence, you can apply for an editable script. When the licence has been processed, you’ll receive a word document version of the script that you can edit and make adjustments as you need for your production.