How I write bespoke pantomime scripts

Writing bespoke pantomime scripts is one of my favourite things to do throughout the year. It means I can really tailor the script for your venue, cast, creative team and production values.

Step 1 – Consultation Call

The first thing I do for any bespoke pantomime script commission is organise a consultation call. During the call we discuss any of the producer or directors needs for the production and what the cast and venue are like. This helps me to have an idea in my head about who I’m writing for, and what sort of production values are possible within the space.

Consultation calls are completely free of charge, and are intended for you to discover whether a bespoke script is the right choice for your next pantomime.

Step 2 – Story Treatment

From our discussions on the consultation call, I write a detailed story treatment. This is a plot outline which contains a full list of characters and scenes, and a detailed synopsis of all the key plot points including comic routines and suggested song placement. This is then refined between us until it is mutually agreed on.

Step 3 – License Quote

After the treatment is refined, I will send you a license quote which reflects our discussion on what you need from your bespoke script. If it’s for a title not yet within my repertoire the bespoke script is usually only the cost of a normal pantomime script license. However, for smaller capacity auditoriums, or for titles already within my script library I add a small extra charge to cover my writing time. I request 1/2 the license payment upfront to enable me to book in the bespoke script to my diary. The final 1/2 of the license payment is due on delivery of the rehearsal draft on a mutually agreed date.

Alongside the license quote, I will include suggested dates and deadlines which we then refine based on the requirements of your production. Usually I need to know roughly when your auditions are due to take place, and the date of your first rehearsal.

Step 4 – Drafts and Revisions

Once the license has been signed and the first payment received, I get started on a first draft based closely on the story treatment we’ve agreed on. Sometimes things change a little as the script comes into focus (who can resist adding extra jokes and visual gags when writing a pantomime script!).

Then begins the process of drafting and implementing revisions. These dates are all set out in advance within your license agreement, and for every new script draft there is a deadline for you to send me notes to work on towards the next draft.

Usually the script goes through around 3 to 5 drafts before it reaches completion. Songs are confirmed (I can re-lyric songs if required), and I put together a rehearsal draft for you to work from.

Step 5 – Production

On delivery of the rehearsal draft the second half of the license payment is due. And it’s over to you to take the script and build on it to create your pantomime production! If you are premiering a bespoke script, it is guaranteed to be the premiere production within your territory, so your cast will be the first ever actors to speak those words on a stage!

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