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You’ve picked your script title and you’re ready to apply for a licence. Licences grant you non-exclusive performance rights and include information such as how to credit me as the writer on your promotional material. Scroll down the page now to fill in your licence details and I’ll grant your license.

How to Calculate Your Licence Cost

Calculate your venue licence fee, then choose your production package.

Licence Fee Tiers

Measure the total capacity of seating in your venue to see which fee tier applies. The total capacity is calculated by working out the total number of seats on sale per performance not  the total number of seats you think you will sell. If your capacity exceeds 400, the license fee will increase at intervals of £10/performance, per 100 seats.

Production Packages

Choose the package with the materials you need for your production.

International Payments

I can accept payment in most international currencies. If you would like to pay in another currency, please make this clear in your licence application.

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Copyright Notice

My pantomime scripts are fully protected under international copyright laws. All performance rights are strictly prohibited unless an appropriate license has been confirmed and paid for. Any performance (in whole or part) of my scripts without a licence issued from Alex Jackson Pantomimes is against the law. It is the individual producer's responsibility to ensure all other applicable licenses (such as PRS/PPL, chaperone and child performance licenses) are in place prior to the beginning of the production cycle.

Please note, if you're applying to perform Peter Pan and your performance will take place in the United Kingdom, in addition to a licence to perform this script, you will need to seek additional permission to perform this title from Concord Theatricals to ensure all relevant royalties are paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity who hold the copyright to Peter Pan in perpetuity within the UK. Visit the Peter Pan page on the Concord Theatricals website and add a note in the Additional Comments field that you would like to use this version for your performance.