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Your next pantomime performance can now take place online! Pick your script title, and apply for a streaming pantomime script license today. Scroll down the page, fill in the application form and I’ll grant your license via email.

For Live In-Venue Performance Licences

Streaming Licence Prices

For a streaming pantomime script licence, fees are calculated on a per-performance basis. Measure the maximum number of total individual viewers your pantomime will recieve and use this figure. Notify me after the performance if this figure is exceeded. If final viewership figures are not provided, a minimum fee of £60 per performance is due.

*Please note, the standard .PDF performnace script is not editable. To edit the script you will need to select ‘Editable Script’ when applying for your licence.

Over 300 Viewers

Bespoke Price

Added Extras

Marketing Materials

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Fill out the form below now to apply for a pantomime streaming license. The form comes straight to me and I send a license proposal direct to your chosen email address.

Once you have transferred the minimum license fee and signed and returned the license, you’re ready to start planning your production!

Copyright Notice

My pantomime scripts are fully protected under international copyright laws. 

All performance rights are strictly prohibited unless an appropriate license has been confirmed and paid for.

Any performance (in whole or part) of my scripts without a licence issued from Alex Jackson Pantomimes is against the law.