Beauty and the Beast Pantomime Script


This Beauty and the Beast pantomime script is set in France, the land of cheese, bread and (luckily for Dame Betty Brioche) wine. Her daughter, Belle, escapes the arrogant Gaviscon to return a stolen book but finds the handsome Prince Louis beginning to transform into a hideous beast.

Luckily the staff at the Château, H’ouskeepère, Gardinère, Cuisinère and Valet, have Belle’s best interests at heart. Although her brother Benny could learn a thing or two about backbone and loyalty! Meanwhile Amour and Demon Vanité fight it out in a classic fight between selfishness and true love.

Will Belle and Prince Louis fall in love before the last rose petal falls? Will Gaviscon learn how to be a nice person? Will Betty Brioche win the Tour de France? Find out in this tale as old as pantomime.

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Running Time

Approx 1 hour 50mins + interval.


Beauty and the Beast Pantomime Script Characters

2 Male, 1 Female, 9 Non Gender Specific, 6+ Supporting Roles + Chorus

(Indicated genders are guidelines for casting. Many roles could be played by actors of any gender. Oh yes they could!)

  • Belle Brioche (F) Principal Girl. Loves literature. Kind hearted, with a thirst for adventure outside of the town she grew up in.
  • Betty Brioche (M) Dame. Librarian and baker. Benny and Belle’s mother. A cheeky, warm-hearted person – like your favourite aunty.
  • Benny Brioche (M/F) Comic. Betty’s son. Bullied by Gaviscon. Generally happy-go- lucky but can be a bit dim-witted sometimes.
  • Gaviscon (M/F) An ugly but hench villain, obsessed with own appearance. Tries to seduce Belle who could not be less interested.
  • Prince Louis (M) A royal Prince who is turned into a beast. When the curse is put upon him, his nice demeanour is transformed into beastly rage.
  • H’ouskeepère (M/F) The Prince’s Housekeeper. A loyal, fussy, and organised member of staff.
  • Gardinère (M/F) The Prince’s Gardener. An outdoor type. Excitable and enthusiastic about plants.
  • Cuisinère (M/F) The Prince’s Chef. A passionate french cook, with a kind, hospitable approach.
  • Valet (M/F) A young apprentice at the château. Confident, but inexperienced.
  • Amour (M/F) The magical spirit of love. Determined to find her hundredth true-love match.
  • Demon Vanité (M/F) The evil enchantress. A bitter, resentful fairy with blackness in her heart which fuels her actions.

Supporting Roles

  • Citizen 1
  • Citizen 2
  • Citizen 3
  • Citizen 4
  • Skeleton(s)
  • Cyclist(s)

Company Roles

  • Citizens of Petit Derrière
  • Staff in Prince Louis’ Château


4 Full Scenes, 1 Front Cloths/Curtain Scenes


  • Prologue
  • Scene 1 The Town of Petit Derrière
  • Scene 2 A Forest Path
  • Scene 3 The Château Bedroom
  • Scene 4 A Forest Path
  • Scene 5 The Château Ballroom


  • Scene 1 The Château Gardens
  • Scene 2 A Forest Path
  • Scene 3 The Town of Petit Derrière
  • Scene 4 A Forest Path
  • Scene 5 The Château Ballroom
  • Scene 6 The Song Sheet
  • Scene 7 The Grand Finale

Beauty and the Beast Pantomime Script Extract

GAVISCON Gaviscon your local hero returning from yet another successful hunt.

(GAVISCON slaps his thigh and gives the bag to BENNY.)

Put this meat in the fridge before it runs off again, Benny. There’s a good chap.

(BENNY exits with the bag. The CITIZENS swarm around GAVISCON.)

BENNY Surely they realise he’s just been to *local supermarket* and bought a load of chicken legs.

PRINCE I can see this man makes quite the impression.

(GAVISCON, bored of the attention returns just as BENNY re-enters.)

GAVISCON Benny, I need my weights. My biceps are buckling.

BENNY Yes Gaviscon.

(BENNY exits. GAVISCON leers at BELLE.)

GAVISCON Hello Belle. I finished that book you gave me.

BELLE You did?

GAVISCON The Tiger That Came to Tea. It reminded me of myself

(GAVISCON makes an inappropriate growling sound. BELLE is revolted.)

BELLE Naturally.

GAVISCON I finished it in record time.

BELLE You finished it in record time?

GAVISCON That’s right. It only took me a day to read, but the inside cover says “3 to 5 years.”

BELLE Your intellect knows no bounds.

GAVISCON So Belle, do you wanna come out for dinner with me tonight, or is my name not Gaviscon the great?

BENNY Your name isn’t Gaviscon the great!


(GAVISCON drops the weight back into BENNY’s hands. It flattens him. BENNY recovers wheezing.)

I’ve got a proposition for you Belle.

(BENNY re-enters dragging what seems to be a very heavy weight and gives it to GAVISCON with great difficulty. GAVISCON takes it with ease and starts weight training with one arm.)

BELLE No thank you Gaviscon.

GAVISCON Suit yourself. I’ll get that date one day.

BELLE I’d really rather you didn’t Gaviscon, I –

(GAVISCON puts his hand in front of BELLE’s face.)

GAVISCON – you know, Belle, I’ve been training for the *local football team*. Those chumps from *rival football team* don’t stand a chance. You should come see a game sometime.

BELLE That’s really not my sort of –

GAVISCON – sshhhh you’re prettier when you don’t talk. Now, it’s time for me to go hunting again.

BENNY But you only just got back.

GAVISCON A man can never have too much meat. And I’ve heard there’s a beast hiding in the forest. Benny, fetch me my knife.

(BENNY exits)

Until next time, sweet lady.

(GAVISCON bows to BELLE. BENNY re-enters and passes GAVISCON his hunting knife.)