Puss in Boots Pantomime Script


In this Puss in Boots pantomime script Tom arrives in the Kingdom of Shoeshine with only a useless cat for company hoping for a new life where he can start afresh. When Puss gains the ability to talk (and sing) things start getting interesting.

Bettie Boot the owner of the shoe shop Ye Olde Boote, takes Tom and Puss under her wing and with the Spirit of the Whiskers and some magic boots Tom starts to make a life for himself. Meanwhile the evil Furball is on the prowl and Tom hopes to marry the daughter of King Champagne; Princess Chantilly.

Will they get the happy-ever-after they’ve always wanted, or will Ogre Rumbletum and his evil henchmen Shortcoat and Bobtail win the day? This really is the purr-fect family pantomime.

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Running Time

Approx 1 hour 50mins + interval.


Puss in Boots Pantomime Script Characters

3 Male, 2 Female, 5 Non Gender Specific, 3 Supporting Roles + Chorus (Indicated genders are guidelines for casting. Many roles could be played by actors of any gender. Oh yes they could!)

  • Tom Miller (M/F) A miller’s son, principal boy.
  • Puss in Boots (M/F) Tom’s cat left to him by his father.
  • Betty Boot (M) Dame, Proprietor of the ‘Ye Olde Boote’.
  • King Champagne (M) Jolly, if old-fashioned, ruler of the Kingdom.
  • Princess Chantilly (F) A bright, vivacious princess.
  • Spirit of the Whiskers (F) Puss’ fairy godmother.
  • Furball (M/F) Evil cat, eternally jealous of Puss.
  • Ogre Rumbletum (M) A horrid, disgusting, nasty ogre.
  • Shortcoat (M/F) Ogre’s henchman, comedy duo.
  • Bobtail (M/F) Ogre’s henchman, comedy duo.

Supporting Roles (M/F)

  • Slave 1 A slave of the Ogre.
  • Slave 2 A slave of the Ogre.
  • Lion The lion the Ogre transforms into.

Company Roles

  • Citizens of Pompadour
  • Courtiers


5 or 6 Full Scenes, 2 or 3 Front Cloths/Curtain Scenes


  • Prologue The Kingdom of Shoeshine
  • Scene 1 The Town Square of Pompadour
  • Scene 2 A Country Lane
  • Scene 3 Inside Ye Olde Boote
  • Scene 4 A Country Lane
  • Scene 5 The Forest Pool
  • Scene 6 A Country Lane
  • Scene 7 The Royal Castle


  • Scene 1 The Town Square of Pompadour
  • Scene 2 Outside the Ogre’s Castle
  • Scene 3 Inside the Ogre’s Castle
  • Scene 4 The Ogre’s Dungeons
  • Scene 5 Inside the Ogre’s Castle
  • Scene 6 Song Sheet
  • Scene 7 Finale

Puss in Boots Pantomime Script Extract

FURBALL Your ugliness! Hello, is anyone around!

(SHORTCOAT and BOBTAIL enter tied together back to back and gagged. They are struggling to stay upright. Perhaps they even fall over.)

What on earth… how did this happen?

(FURBALL removes their gag and begins to untie them)

S.COAT It was that stupid idiot (Nodding at BOBTAIL) he fell for their silly tricks and got us all tied up.

B.TAIL Me? It was you who said we should look behind us. Don’t you realise this is a pantomime? What did you expect would happen?

FURBALL All right you two calm down. Who tied you up.

S.COAT That meddlesome boy Tom and his stupid cat.

FURBALL And Betty got away?

B.TAIL Yes, the King was ready and waiting for her.

FURBALL Drat. Well now you’re going to have to tell him what’s happened and go and find them. This time I’ll come with you just to make sure.

(We hear some footsteps and grumbling in the distance.)

That’s him now. Quick line up and make it look like everything’s under control.

(They form a line and the OGRE RUMBLETUM enters)

OGRE Disgusting! Look at all these horrible people sat in rows in front of us. It looks like someone has collected all the people who live in *nearby town* and put them in one row –

FURBALL – your imperial ogreness –

OGRE – How dare you interrupt me you slimy, shameful ball of matted fur. I’ve a good mind to eat you up this instant.

FURBALL Oh no your revoltingness that won’t be necessary. However I do have some bad news I’m afraid.

OGRE Bad news! I hate bad news.

FURBALL Well yes, you see, we all do. The thing is… why don’t you two tell him?

(He shoves forward SHORTCOAT and BOBTAIL. They quiver and squirm.)

OGRE (Thunders) Well!?

S.COAT Well what Bobtail?

B.TAIL I was about to ask you the same question.

OGRE You blithering idiots. My patience is about to run out!

S.COAT The woman, Betty, has escaped so you don’t have any dinner.

OGRE Escaped! You let her escape?

B.TAIL Well we didn’t exactly let her. They tricked us and tied us up.

OGRE Tied you up?

S.COAT Nice one Bobtail. Now we’re going to have to run for it.

OGRE You two imbeciles aren’t worth the skin on the scruff of your neck. Remind me what I pay you for.

B.TAIL You don’t pay us, we’re just here because we’re too scared of you to leave.

OGRE Ha ha ha ha ha. Quite right too.

FURBALL Of course, we’ve always valued your generous and forgiving nature.

OGRE You’d better run, or feel the wrath of my club.

FURBALL Yup. Thought so. Okay boys, time to run for your lives.