The Little Mermaid Pantomime Script


This Little Mermaid Pantomime Script has underwater adventures and fish puns aplenty as Princess Ariel tries to venture to the surface. Her twin sister Persil (the pantomime Dame) and best friend Lobster Thermidor try to discourage her but without much success.

Meanwhile up on a ship Prince Finn, Admiral C. Weed and their useless Royal Navy sailors are caught in a storm, and saved by the mermaids. The bad weather was whipped up by Ariel’s Aunt Octavia who has stolen the mighty trident of the seven seas from Queen Neptuna, its rightful owner.

Join Mother of Pearl the spirit of the sea, and her daughter Pearl, as they attempt to watch over the characters and look after them while Octavia tries to take over the kingdom of Atlantis with her hench-fish Davy and Jones.

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Running Time

Approx 1 hour 50mins + interval.


The Little Mermaid Pantomime Script Characters

1 Male, 2 Female, 8 Non Gender Specific, 12 Supporting Roles + Chorus

(Indicated genders are guidelines for casting. Many roles could be played by actors of any gender. Oh yes they could!)

  • Ariel (F) Principal Girl. The Little Mermaid.
  • Persil (M) Dame. Ariel’s sister. The big mermaid.
  • Queen Neptuna (F) Newly coronated Queen of Atlantis.
  • Thermidor (M/F) Comic. A bright red lobster.
  • Prince Finn (M/F) Principal Boy. Heir to the throne of the mainland.
  • Admiral C. Weed (M/F) Admiral of the royal Navy. Prince Finn’s confidant.
  • Octavia (M/F) Evil sea witch. Neptuna’s sister.
  • Davy (M/F) Octavia’s hapless hench-fish.
  • Jones (M/F) Octavia’s other hapless hench-fish.
  • Mother of Pearl (M/F) The magical spirit that looks after seafarers and dwellers.
  • Pearl (M/F) The next spirit of the ocean. Excitable and cheeky.

Supporting Roles (M/F)

  • Citizen 1
  • Citizen 2
  • Citizen 3
  • Citizen 4
  • Citizen 5
  • John Dory
  • Hally Butt
  • Mac Erol
  • Herr Ring
  • Sailor Number 5
  • Staff 1
  • Staff 2

Company Roles

  • Citizens of Atlantis
  • Royal Navy Sailors
  • Members of the Prince’s Court


4 Full Scenes, 2 Front Cloths/Curtain Scenes


  • Prologue
  • Scene 1 The Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis
  • Scene 2 The Sea Bed Outside Atlantis
  • Scene 3 Aboard Admiral C. Weed’s Ship
  • Scene 4 Washed Ashore on a Beach
  • Scene 5 The Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis


  • Scene 1 Ashore in the Prince’s Palace
  • Scene 2 Washed Ashore on a Beach
  • Scene 3 Octavia’s Evil Lair
  • Scene 4 The Sea Bed Outside Atlantis
  • Scene 5 The Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis
  • Scene 6 The Song Sheet
  • Scene 7 The Grand Finale

The Little Mermaid Pantomime Script Extract

ADMIRAL Oh Persil.

PERSIL Oh Admiral.

ADMIRAL What are you doing here?

PERSIL (Thinking on her feet) I came to see you of course.

ADMIRAL To see me?

PERSIL And to find my sister.

ADMIRAL Your sister?

PERSIL Yes, she’s out of the water and you know what happens to us mermaids when we’re away from water?

ADMIRAL I’m not sure I do.

PERSIL Well we, you know…

ADMIRAL I’m afraid I don’t.


ADMIRAL You what?


(PERSIL mimes throat slitting.)

ADMIRAL You grow a necklace?


(PERSIL mimes a stabbing motion.)

ADMIRAL You have to knock on doors.


(PERSIL mimes her body freezing up part by part until she can’t move.)

ADMIRAL Still not getting it.

PERSIL (Shouting) We die!

ADMIRAL All right, no need to shout.

PERSIL That’s why I need to find my sister.

ADMIRAL Then I must help you, fair maiden.