Pantomime Reviews

For many amateur theatre companies performing pantomimes, NODA write reviews and local papers may attend to promote the production. Here’s a selection of recent reviews of productions of my Pantomimes.

Spirit of the Ring in Aladdin Pantomime

NODA (On Aladdin)

“Pantomime, but perhaps ‘not quite as we know it!”

“Predictable can be boring and that definitely could not be said of this production.”

“Particularly messy, but very funny, slapstick”

“Oodles of fun that brought all ages together in their enjoyment.”

Fairy Hair Do

Somerset Drama (On Snow White)

“Many of the characters expected in this story yet some were portrayed in different styles which was most original.”

“An entertaining production with many comedy ingredients incorporated.”

“As your script suggests the Evil Queen could be played by a man as it can be funnier this way. It most certainly was.”

Rapunzel Pantomime

NODA (On Cinderella)

“Buttons set the story at a cracking pace, establishing a good rapport with the audience using a song intro as a running gag.”

“The audience was delighted with their interaction and the rivalry between each other.”

“A roller-coaster of running-gags, jokes and song and dance”

Dame Penny Perm

The Daily Record (On Snow White)

“It went down a storm… the best panto we have done yet!”

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was enjoyed by the audience, young and old alike, and sold out nearly every show.”

NODA (On Snow White)

“While Snow White itself is traditional, a few twists in this version provide the storyline with new characters and scenarios”

“This tried-and-true story of fairy tale heroines, heroes and villains delighted its local audience and, judging by the dancing children in the audience at show’s end, had won new recruits to appear in next year’s panto production.”

Rapunzel Pantomime

NODA (On Rapunzel)

“The Rapunzel story, without falling into the trap of just re-writing Disney’s Tangled”

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National Operatic and Dramatic Association

The National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) is a central membership organisation for amateur theatre producers in the United Kingdom. They support groups with services such as insurance, health and safety guidelines and advice, training courses, pantomime scripts and community for theatre groups up and down the country.

Somerset Drama

Somerset Drama is an umbrella organisation supporting amateur theatre in Somerset.