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Find your next pantomime script today, with customisable scripts for productions of all shapes and sizes, written by a professional pantomime director.

Whether your production is by students or teachers, my scripts provide the foundations of a fantastic and funny production.

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Dandini in Pantomime


Bored of performing the same old material with your students?

Old school pantomime scripts are behind you!

Your students don’t engage with the retro references and slow, over-long dialogue.

Oh yes they are!

Raise the curtain on your next production with a fresh, modern school pantomime script, that will put your students centre stage.

Your perfect pantomime script is waiting

Funny school pantomime scripts

Modern jokes, witty dialogue and hilarious slapstick. My scripts offer a suitable challenge for your students with references to a wide range of dramatic styles.

Customisable school pantomime scripts

Need a script where all your cast can shine? Edit my script to fit your production. Add/remove scenes, characters, routines & musical numbers.

Traditional titles for modern audiences

Sharp, fast-paced dialogue and a modern twist on classic pantomime routines. School productions were never this up-to-date.

Eye-catching show artwork

Give your school pantomime ticket sales a boost with bright, eye-catching poster, flyer and social media templates with room for all your production’s details.

With your school pantomime script you could:

Give all your students the chance to shine

There’s plenty of roles to go round, from supporting cast to principal characters.

Raise money for the drama department

With departmental budgets tight, raise money for your drama department, or a charity of your choice.

Inspire students and staff

Everybody loves pantomime, and my scripts will inspire your students and staff with a love of the arts to last a lifetime.