Cinderella Pantomime Song Suggestions

Cinderella Pantomime in front of Carriage

This week I’ve been doing some more work on my Cinderella script, and I often use playlists of music to help with my writing process. Then I thought it might be useful to share this playlist of Cinderella pantomime song suggestions with you.

In my script, Cinderella has grown up with a love of dancing which she gets from her mother. The theme of dancing and getting to dance with royalty is threaded through the script from the very beginning.

You can listen/subscribe to the playlist on Spotify, or find the details of the tracks here:

Please note, it’s always wise to investigate copyright and PRS/PPL implications of using songs in your pantomimes. Ensure that the relevant licences are paid – artists make their living creating these brilliant songs!

If you have any Cinderella pantomime song suggestions you think I could add, or if you have any favourite tracks, let me know!

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