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Peter Pan Pantomime Script

When the Darling children get put to bed by Nanny McSmee every night, they dream of the boy who never grows up and adventures in Neverland fighting Captain Hook’s evil pirates. But they never believe it’s all true until Peter Pan himself comes to visit one cold winter’s night. This Peter Pan pantomime script is sure to shiver your timbers and take you on a comedy adventure you’ll never land from.

With a little help from Tinkerbell’s fairy dust, a flight via the second star on the right whisks them away to Neverland where they meet a host of colourful characters; Big Chief, Tiger Lilly, mermaids, lost boys, pirates and even a crocodile!

This high-flying pantomime takes you on a trip of a lifetime from the London skyline to the deck of the Jolly Roger, the indian encampment, the lost boys hideout and the mermaid’s lagoon.

Running Time

Approx 1 hour 40mins + interval depending on the length/number of songs you choose.


5 x Male, 3 x Female, 3 x Non Gender Specific, 13 x Supporting Role + Chorus (Indicated genders are guidelines for casting. Many roles could be played by actors of any gender. Oh yes they could!)

  • Peter Pan (M) The boy that never grew up
  • Tinkerbell (F) Pan’s friend, the good fairy
  • Wendy Darling (F) His friend from London
  • John Darling (M) Wendy’s younger brother
  • Michael Darling (M) Wendy and John’s younger brother
  • Nanna Darling (M/F) Wendy, John and Michael’s pet dog
  • Nanny McSmee (M) The Darlings’ nanny, later Hook’s first mate
  • Smee Jnr. (M/F) Mrs Smee’s son
  • Captain Hook (M/F) The evil captain of the Jolly Roger

Supporting Roles (M/F)

  • Big Chief (M/F)
  • Tiger Lily (F)
  • Crocodile (M/F)
  • Mermaid (M/F)
  • Tootles (M/F)
  • Nibs (M/F)
  • Slightly (M/F)
  • Curly (M/F)
  • The Twins (M/F)
  • Gentleman Starkey (M/F)
  • Snarky (M/F)
  • Snarly (M/F)
  • Pirate Crew (M/F)

Company Roles

  • Pirates
  • Indians
  • Lost Children


4 or 5 Full Scenes, 2 or 3 Front Cloths/Curtain Scenes + Flying Scene (Wires not necesary) Act I

  • Scene 1 The Darling’s Nursery
  • Scene 2 On the Way to Neverland
  • Scene 3 The Jolly Roger
  • Scene 4 Below Deck
  • Scene 5 The Lost Boy’s Camp
  • Scene 6 A Path in Neverland
  • Scene 7 Mermaid Lagoon


  • Scene 1 Indian Encampment
  • Scene 2 Below Deck
  • Scene 3 The Lost Boy’s Camp
  • Scene 4 A Path in Neverland
  • Scene 5 The Jolly Roger
  • Scene 6 Song Sheet
  • Scene 7 Finale

Script Extract

McSMEE Who are Peter Pan and the lost boys?

STARKEY They’re the most terrifying, tyrannous, traitors trampling this turbulent territory.

McSMEE The most terrifying, tyrannous, traitors trampling this turbulent territory? That’s terrible. They must be ever so tall and tyrannical.

HOOK Quite the opposite. They’re cowardly children.

McSMEE I see.

HOOK Our sole mission in life is to crush Pan with our bare hands.

McSMEE How are you going to do that Captain?

HOOK What do you mean Smee?

McSMEE Well you’ve only got one.

HOOK One what?

McSMEE One hand!

HOOK I’ve had enough of all this. I’m off to draw up the plans for our latest offensive.

McSMEE Red’s a horrible colour on you, your hats too big and you’ve got a funny looking face.

HOOK What did I do to deserve that?

McSMEE I just thought I’d help out with the offensive.

HOOK Smee, keep your mother out of my way while she’s on the ship. She’s already getting right on my chest.

McSMEE Oh Captain you do move fast.

HOOK (To NANNY McSMEE) Treasure chest. (To PIRATES) As for the rest of you, stay out of my way while I plot Pan’s downfall. It’s bound to be spectacular and painful. Starkey, with me!

(HOOK and STARKEY exit)

McSMEE My, my he’s quite something isn’t he son?

SMEE JNR. That’s one way of putting it.

SNARKY You don’t want to go upsetting the captain Mrs McSmee.

SNARLY You should see him when he’s really angry.

McSMEE I can’t wait. No, don’t worry boys, I won’t upset him. I’ll seduce him!

PIRATES Seduce him!

SMEE JNR. That poor man.

McSMEE Yes, I know a good looking man when I see one and that Captain Hook is a top- class catch. It won’t be long until he’s mine, you’ll see boys.

Copyright Notice

Please note, if your performance takes place in the United Kingdom, in addition to a licence to perform this script, you will need to seek additional permission to perform this title from Concord Theatricals to ensure all relevant royalties are paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity who hold the copyright to Peter Pan in perpetuity within the UK. Visit the Peter Pan page on the Concord Theatricals website and add a note in the Additional Comments field that you would like to use this version for your performance.

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